Life’s short.  And yet, life is the longest thing we’ll encounter while each of us is alive.

Modern life has us looking for the short game. What can we do right now that will satisfy us for the rest of our lives? What little trick can we do that will fix everything, forever?

Truth is, there is no true quick fix to everything in life. Sure, there are lots of tricks, lots of tools, lots of little lifehacks. But the reality is that life, just like a garden, takes lots of hard work. You can’t force it. That’s the whole point. You can’t make something beautiful just happen. It requires time, energy, love and commitment. It takes tending to the weeds, regular watering and feeding and lots of time to just let growth happen on it’s own schedule. I’ve seen this especially in mine and my wife’s trip toward financial freedom.

And so I choose to see the world like a garden. Moreover, I choose to see my life like a garden. A garden of trellises full of morning glories, vines boasting rich, red grapes for wine and plenty of tomatoes to make my grandma’s sauce. Time here is short, and while one day my garden may fade, I can only hope that it can be an inspiration to others and that, maybe, one day, heirloom tomatoes will grow in my stead.

After spending far too long watching my own financial garden struggle to take seed, I’ve decided it’s time to try a new design plan. To be self-sustaining, to be able to enjoy all the seasons this world has to offer. To rest in the winter and grow in the spring, to reap in the bountiful summer and to reflect in the fall. These are the roots from which my new plan stems.

So here we are. Planting new seeds, tending to careful habits and enjoying the long journey. My journey of cents to dollars. Of growing meager pennies, the seeds of our world, into a legacy I can pass on to my family, to my community, to those in need and those I love.

sowing cents – the art of cultivating pennies to yield a crop that provides a life of freedom and joyous giving.

Grab your shovels and work gloves because we’ve got some work to do. And as excited as I am about it – I think it may end up a little dirty.


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